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UnPacked Thoughts

We humans have a lot on our minds.

Trying not to fail at a million tasks, from the minute we wake to the minute we go to sleep.


I’ve got my UnPacked brand on my mind constantly and the zerowaste and minimalist lifestyle I’m trying to succeed at BUT I am still a wife, a mom and my child’s facilitator of learning and I still need to focus on those and try and succeed at those daily too. So, I can just imagine how other people must feel about their state of being when they first hear about this lifestyle.

I truly want to be high-end zerowaste BUT I’m just not there yet. And I’m sure that’s okay – well I beat myself up about it but I’m trying to convince myself that it’s okay. My mentors and zerowaste inspirers from Instagram and Twitter are all high-end in my opinion – they are all way, way up there with the products they make and use and the way they shop.

I’ve a long road still ahead of me – but, and I think this is where I need to encourage myself and those of you reading this – just becoming conscious of how we shop, what we are throwing away (water included) and the products we are using that will end up in our bodies and water, is a great way to start. I truly believe that shoppers out there are just not aware of the choice they have to refuse first and the means to achieving this.

I have a stainless straw – and I really mean to start targeting Joburg restaurants to stop plastic straws and sugar packets and paper napkins. I have cloth shopping bags and fresh produce bags – and I really intend on getting the grocery stores I shop at to rethink the plastic bags at the produce sections. I take my own smoothie cup and coffee travel mug out with me when I leave the house as well as my little glass juice bottle with a cork filled with sugar.

It means a little bit of being proactive and getting into a habit of having these with me or in the car – but I am so proud of the outcomes when I am faced with consumerist choices regarding plastic and packaging that I can happily decline.

Until next time…

waste less • refuse more

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