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Lujae Homeschool Worm Farm Outing

We were invited to a talk and got the chance to build our own mini viewing worm farm, at the Irene Green Market by the Jan Smuts Museum, courtesy of Lujae Worms!


Lucinda was expecting 20 or so responses and was overwhelmed to the point of losing count from the homeschooler responses to come to the outing. She even created another event for the 29th of November 2017 ??

I really was ampt to take Mad because composting and responsible zero food waste is something we’re always talking about and trying to learn about! I thought ? looking after a worm farm was going to be hard but we learnt so much I bought a starter kit and worms to bring home and can’t wait for tomorrow (a week passed) so I can start slowly giving them our scraps.

Lucinda, the owner of Lujae Worms, really went to a ton of effort to put together our lovely viewing farms- recycling a coke bottle and covering it with paper, ‘cause worms need darkness, she gave the kiddos little worms in soil to add to their newly constructed farms with shredded paper and lovely rich soil.

I learnt about the genius of the red wriggler worm that loves aerating and working through the top layers of soil and the thick long worms that work deep down underground to create tunnels for water to flow down nicely through the soil (those being the ones you can use for fishing).
Our red worms love food scraps, ground egg shells (so they don’t get cut nor will our fingers if we dig in the soil), shredded paper and egg cartons and even nicely chopped up pizza boxes – giving them the waste in reasonable amounts – citrus and onion peels are to be avoided or used very sparingly as they can make the farm too acidic. Our wormies will munch up all the waste and poop ? out the goodness for great worm compost soil.
We can use the bottom soil for garden and tea.
Worm teas correctly diluted will do wonders for the garden and soil.

Madison adding beautiful rich soil into her worm farm above the paper

I never saw myself handling worms but now we have a whole farm of them and Mad named them all Ethan??? and now I have to hold them and talk about them as Mad wants to ???‍♀️ they’re cute little guys and amazing natural wonders ????​

For any worm related info contact Lucinda –

Until next time…

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