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PinkCup Reusable Menstrual Cup

Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home came to South Africa for a speaking tour in May this year. I’d been following Bea on Instagram for some time and was super excited to get the opportunity to hear her speak!


Hearing her speak in person adds so much more depth and flavour to her that you may miss from reading her writing. She’s honest and funny and relatable. You can find her at

Fast Forward to today and I have used my PinkCup menstrual cup three times now.

Before I’d even heard of the menstrual cup I’d only known of Mamma Cloth – washable menstrual pads. And for 20 years now all I’ve used have been Tampons – without the applicator.

Gosh, if you haven’t tried it and aren’t already using one, let me just say you will really be getting in touch with your vagina when you start using the cup.

After sanitizing it, you have to bend it in half and then half again, into a V shape (C shape as they refer to it). Whilst holding it in place you have to manoeuvre it in place by turning it a little to the left or right.

My first attempts had me lying down rather but after a day or two I had gotten the hang of inserting it easier and quicker.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I always get it right because I do spot my first day or two with the cup… that being said their site says to insert and then rotate which I may not have been doing…


I do thoroughly enjoy the fact that I can insert it in the morning and forget about it all day, from outings with friends, to swimming or training at the gym and only need to empty and clean it before I bath at bedtime and then again in the morning.

My PinkCup is silicone, came in a cloth bag and a box and if I recall correctly, was delivered in a box by Takealot. The cloth bag was quickly taken by my 3 year old and is somewhere in her doll’s house or amongst her toys, the box it was delivered in was sent for recycling… The cup has a ­­­10 year life span, and read here to find out more about silicone and why use a silicone menstrual cup even though it isn’t biodegradable. Silicone can be recycled.

Until next time…

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