Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce

We love food condiments especially our tomato sauce, mayo and now for me, sweet chili sauce.


As I watch what I buy now – either in bulk or glass, or try to decide if in fact I need to buy it, or if I can make it at home – I have at least been able to not entirely give up treats such as tomato sauce and mayo because they come in glass, and to be honest I don’t always want to or have the time to make everything.
Sweet chili sauce has grown on me and is quite the accompaniment to cream cheese and other faves like fish fingers or  chicken strips, but it comes in plastic.

When I Google recipes or products I quite honestly go for the top one, or at the very least, third site.
I found this amazing recipe right away and can honestly say that the sauce is AMAZING!
It is quick to make (although my house reeks of garlic for a while) and it not only tastes amazing, it looks so much better in glass.
I went a bit cray with the chilis so it had quite the punch but so much flavour that we weren’t bothered. I’ll probably go slower on the chilis next time.

I’m finding, for me personally, on this journey that there are things we love but we can and often do go without.
I often say to myself that today I’ll buy some biscuits or some pudding but when I’m shopping and looking at all the packaging I end up not – I then say to myself okay you better make the biscuits at home but then I get lazy and don’t – but all I’m saying is that even though the craving is there I don’t go mad about appeasing it. And maybe that’s so good because in the long run I’m eating healthier and what I need, and use what I have. Make sense??
I really enjoy the sweet chili sauce but I can live without it if I don’t feel like making it. Tomato sauce and mayo … thankfully still come in glass and I love to reuse the bottles!
I really like tortilla wraps, I’ve tried making them and they bombed and they come in plastic at the store so I refuse buying them.
To save myself the hassle of everything I just refuse them completely. My life is no worse off for it.

What do you love and can’t give up but don’t want to make?
What do you love and can’t make but are happy to refuse and just be without?

Until next time…

waste less • refuse more